Press Papers

ProDPI offers two standard press papers and seven upgrade options for your card printing needs.

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Smooth Matte (0.37mm thick) – This premium bright white FSC* certified paper have set the standard as the premier un-coated imaging substrate.

Semi-Gloss (0.24mm thick) – This is a perfect choice for a standard business card stock. It has a slight gloss finish and a thick feel. It also works well for simple folded cards

Felt Watercolor (0.34mm thick)  – Fine-Art matte look and watercolor texture and is a perfect choice for your next high end project.

Linen (0.34mm thick)  – This substrate has a subtle, embossed linen pattern that creates a refined surface.

Stipple (0.35mm thick) – Unmistakable pebble like surface, vivid color reproduction and breathtakingly sharp images! Our Stipple also contains 30% Post Consumer Waste.

Bamboo (0.41mm thick) – A matte, eco-friendly paper with a warm white and a light texture. Less textured than our Felt Watercolor but more than our Smooth Matte.

Pearl (0.35mm thick) – This amazing paper creates a stunning visual effect, giving a luminous, pearlescent appearance. Perfect for business cards, folded cards & more!

Eco Matte (0.40mm thick) – Green at its finest. 100% wind power manufactured, 100% Post Consumer waste, 100% Goodness.


Gloss UV Coating

Gloss Coating adds a high gloss finish which provides extra protection while handling and storing of your printed goods. The high gloss surface is great for all types of cards and products but is not recommended if you intend to write on the product. The Gloss Coating is available only on the following paper types:

Semi-Gloss | Pearl | Linen | Stipple


IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all ProDPI Products can be printed on every paper. Please see product details for more information.