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The last few years have continued to bring many unique challenges. Many orders are currently taking longer than usual, so we highly recommend you place orders as soon as possible, and do not overpromise on deliveries if you are working with clients. You can see the current production and shipping status of your orders at any time at accounts.prodpi.com.

One-day shipping can be added to orders to help them arrive sooner, but remember that adding overnight shipping does not speed up the in-lab time your order takes to get produced, nor does it guarantee your order will ship the same day. One-day shipping only expedites the shipping method once the order is complete. If you need to expedite your order's in-lab turnaround time, please contact Customer Service to discuss potential options.

Estimated Turnaround Times for New Orders

Product Turnaround Time
Layflat Books 2-3 Days
Layflat Albums 2-3 Days
Hardcover Books 2-3 Days
Bamboo Ornaments 1-2 Days
Acrylic Blocks 2-4 Days
Deckled Edge Fine Art Prints 1-3 Days
C-Type Photographic Prints 1-3 Days
Giclée Fine Art Prints 1-3 Days
Ultra-Thick Prints 1-3 Days
Large Format Photographic Prints 1-3 Days
Large Format Fine Art Prints 1-3 Days
Modern Metal Frames 3-5 Days
Aluminum Metal Prints 2-4 Days
Walnut Framed Canvas 5-7 Days
Ash Framed Canvas 5-7 Days
Acrylic Prints 2-4 Days
Framed Acrylic Prints 2-4 Days
Frosted Metal Frames 3-5 Days
Walnut Frames 3-5 Days
Ash Frames 3-5 Days
Gallery Frames 3-5 Days
Wrapped Canvas 2-4 Days
Maple Wood Prints 3-5 Days
Bamboo Blocks 2-4 Days
Photo Blocks 2-4 Days
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