Top Tools for Selling Your Photography

From our amazing friends at Preveal we’re extremely excited to announce Salesographer!  To describe it in one sentence: everything you need and all in one place.

facebookWith Salesographer, You’ll Learn to:
  • Really price for profit
  • Package their products around their value
  • Teach their clients to understand their value and their process
  • Effectively sell their photography without becoming a salesman
  • Maximize their client’s excitement without high pressure tactics
  • Get the most out of an in-person presentation
Salesographer Includes:
  • 90+ Minutes of Video Instruction
  • E-Book Study Guide
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Sales Form (Photoshop, InDesign or PDF)
  • Consultation Form (Photoshop, InDesign or PDF)
  • Pricing Sheet (Photoshop, InDesign or PDF)
  • $50 ProDPI Gift Card

Buy Now!

Not convinced?  Click here!

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