Wood Ornaments

A smaller, cut version of our Wood Prints. Wood Ornaments will show the grain and warmth of the wood surface through your image, especially in all areas with negative space.

Product in lab turn around: 2-4 business days

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  • WoodOrnament – Basic A1 Circle (2.75”x2.75”)
  • Wood Ornament – Ornate E1 (3.9”x2.75”)


  • Ornaments sold individually, discounted when you order 3 or more
  • 2 different shapes available


  • Hole Drilled
  • Choice of five ribbon colors, Red, White, Gold, Green or Black
  • Double sided
  • Natural Wood Finish
  • Image is sealed to wood surface and you can see wood grain through the less saturated areas of the image

IMPORTANT NOTE: Small imperfections and visible wood grain will occasionally be present in the surface of Wood Prints. ProDPI will not re-make orders with these imperfections present. These imperfections are unavoidable and we will take every precaution to ensure that they are not on important areas of your image.

Are there any file requirements?
– All images must be saved as JPG files with an embedded sRGB or AdobeRGB colorspace.

Is there a printing tolerance?
– Yes there is. The process we use to create our Wood Ornaments involves printing your file slightly larger than the finished product, then matching that print up to the wood for sublimation. The sublimation process involves heating the wood and transfer sheet until the ink fuses with the coating on the ornament. This tolerance is approximately .25” overall so you want to make sure you do not put anything too important right on the edge of your crop.

Can you clean Wood Ornaments?
– Yes you can use a soft cloth such as a microfiber to buff off any debris from the surface. We do not recommend a cleaning solution or water.

Is Color Correction Service available?
– No, we do not currently offer any color correction services for our Wood Print products. The wood prints will show the warmth and wood grain through the image, and especially in any negative space or lightly saturated areas. Anything in your file that is white will essentially print transparent and will show as wood on the final product. The unique finish of this product does mean that we cannot guarantee the same type of color match that is traditionally reserved for our other printed products.