Maple Wood Prints

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Wall Art

Maple Wood Prints

Print directly on a beautiful slab of Maple wood.

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Starts from $23.00

Hanging Method

Wood Prints come with pre-drilled keyholes on the back side.

As a solid wood block, our Wood Prints can be on the heavier side, especially when you start getting into the larger sizes. As with most things, make sure your wall can support the piece you want to hang.

File Format & Resolution

Prep your work for printing by saving a high-quality JPEG for uploading. All files must be tagged with a color profile, ideally AdobeRGB or P3, but anything in the RGB colorspace will work. We do not support embedding any other colorspaces (like CMYK). We’re currently unable to accept TIFF, PSD, PDF or RAW files for printing.

We print most products at 300 DPI or higher, so in general we recommend uploading the highest resolution file you have and we can take care of resizing your image to accommodate the final print size. In most situations we don’t recommend using tools like Photoshop to artificially scale up your file to add extra pixels that weren’t in the original capture.

ONE-OF-A-KIND prints that expose the ORGANIC GRAIN and TEXTURE of Maple wood

Why we like it

Statement Piece

Want to make an impact on your space? This will attract all the right attention.

Great for Small Spaces

A memorable product that doesn’t require a lot of space.

Ready to Hang Out of the Box

Hanging hardware comes pre-installed

Our Mission

Top of the Line Products for your Creative Vision.

Trusted by the Pros

80,000 creative professionals all over the country use our products to showcase their brilliant work.

Made in Minnesota

We make every single product at our Twin Cities headquarters.

Curated Craftsmanship

We carefully select and test each of our high quality products to ensure they'll stand the test of time.

Excellent Customer Service

No chat bots here. Just real, friendly people with decades of printing experience and industry knowledge.

Wood Inkjet

We take extra time and care to print high resolution artwork onto one-of-a-kind wood surfaces.

Great For

Black + White Photography




When to choose Wood Inkjet Printing

Maple wood is probably the most unique surface we work with, and we’ve seen some incredible pieces of art created with it. It’s important to craft the image or design in a way that accounts for the visibility of wood grain. Darker floods of color hide the wood texture, while lighter or transparent areas expose the wood grain.

The Wood Inkjet Process

We print on wood using a heat-based transfer process to bind artwork onto the hard surface of the Maple. Technically-speaking, we’re not printing directly onto the wood surface. First, the artwork is printed onto a sheet of laminate using the same industry-leading wide format printers as our canvases. That sheet is then applied to the Maple wood and with a bit of heat, becomes bonded with the wood. This process requires more effort, but ultimately results in a much higher quality piece. Because we’re able to print on our top-end printers, we can achieve a much higher resolution output, and the laminate sheet ensures that there’s an even application of tones and textures across the entire surface of the Maple wood. On top of all that, it’s super durable and scratch resistant.