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Fabric Wall Clings

Put images wherever you want! Fabric Wall Clings can be adhered to dry, clean, and smooth surfaces, making them easily re-positionable.

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Fabric Wall Clings

Wall Clings are priced individually. Custom sizes are available so please reach out to Customer Service with any questions!

20×30 $25.00
24×24 $26.00
24×30 $28.00
24×36 $35.00
30×30 $40.00
30×40 $44.00
30×50 $54.00
30×60 $65.00
30×80 $125.00
35×75 $140.00
36×40 $52.00
40×40 $60.00
40×50 $74.00
40×60 $88.00
40×80 $125.00
50×50 $92.00
50×70 $130.00
50×75 $140.00
50×100 $190.00
60×60 $140.00
60×80 $190.00
60×90 $220.00
53×100 $250.00
60×100 $250.00

Helpful Information

Useful information to help you through the process of ordering your one of a kind product. Full documentation available under support.

File Format and Resolution

File Type/Format:

We currently accept only JPG files. All files must be saved with an embedded RGB Colorspace, preferably sRGB. We do not recommend embedding any other color space. We do not currently accept Tiff, PSD, PDF or Raw files for production.


All products are printed at 300dpi, so in general for Photographic Prints and wall art products you can submit your largest available file, and our printers will interpolate the information. This means that if you submit a file that is 2400x3600 pixels to be printed as a 4x6" print, our printers will pull 1200x1800 pixels to create the print, as this gives you 300dpi. If you are printing that same file as a 16x24", our printers will pull the maximum amount of information available and distribute it across the print size.

How are Fabric Wall Clings printed?

Fabric Wall Clings are printed using an inkjet printing process and will have great detail and color reproduction.

How do you apply the Fabric Wall Clings to the wall?

Fabric Wall Clings can be easily applied to any clean, dry surface. To apply you will pull down a 4-6" portion of the wax paper backing from the top of the cling, exposing the adhesive backing. Position and level this exposed portion on the wall, and then slowly pull the remaining wax paper backing downward while gently brushing a clean hand over the surface of the cling to remove any air bubbles. You can pull up and readjust/reapply the cling as much as needed while you go, however it is recommended to do this gently as the cling can stretch if it is handled roughly. For larger clings we recommend 1-2 additional helpers.

Can Fabric Wall Clings be Color Corrected?

Color Correction is not available for this product, and all edits must be made to the files on a color corrected monitor before upload.

How do you order Fabric Wall Clings?

You can order this product in the ProDPI ROES program in the Fabric Wall Clings catalog.

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