Ash Framed Canvas

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Wall Art

Ash Framed Canvas

Our museum grade cotton canvas with American-made Ash frame.



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Starts from $96.75

DISTINCTIVE TEXTURE on pure cotton canvas pairs with NATURAL ASH from the Appalachian Mountains

Why we like it

Statement Piece

Want to make an impact on your space? This will attract all the right attention.

Responsibly Chosen Materials

Produced with materials that have a lower environmental impact.

Lots of Size Options

Extra flexibility to get the exact size you’re looking for.

Floated Canvas

The frame's halo effect increases EMPHASIS on the artwork

1. Artwork "floats" with a small gap between the canvas and frame.

2. Framed Canvas excels at larger sizes.


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We make every single product at our Twin Cities headquarters

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Canvas Inkjet

Durable color and museum aesthetic on certified archival, OBA-free canvas made right here in the USA.

Great For

Studio Photography

Black + White Photography

Light + Airy Photography

Vibrant Colors




When to choose Canvas Inkjet Printing

Canvas is such a beautiful material. There’s good reason why it’s been the go-to media for so many renowned artists and creatives over the course of time. Canvas really embodies that fine art, museum aesthetic. It’s distinctive texture is more visible than other printing surfaces. We really love canvases at larger scales to highlight your favorite work or to create an impactful statement piece.

The Canvas Inkjet Process

From start to finish, our Canvas Inkjet process is one of the highest-quality in the US. It starts with the canvas itself. We source pure cotton, OBA-free canvas that’s produced in Austin, TX. Optical Breakers (OBA) is a technique commonly used on cheaper canvases to artificially enhance bright whites. However, these Optical breakers wear out over time and actually turn yellow. Our canvases have one of the highest white points for a non-OBA canvas, and will maintain that brilliant white look for a long time. Like, a really really long time. Our canvases are certified archival by a third party for over 100 years of display life.

To print on our canvas we use industry-leading Epson wide format printers with eco-solvent based inks. Eco-solvent inks produce a strong bond with the canvas that allows the material to be stretched and wrapped around a wooden frame to create the finished product. As a final step, we seal the pigments in place with a subtle lamination that forms into to weave of the canvas, maintaining the original texture, while ensuring the finished piece is scratch resistant.