Aluminum Metal Prints

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Wall Art

Aluminum Metal Prints

Direct-print on brushed Aluminum

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Hanging Methods

By default, our Aluminum Metal Prints come unmounted as a single plate of Aluminum.

Mounting Options:

1. Metal Posts

Four metal posts are fastened to each corner of the Aluminum Metal Print. These posts have pre-drilled holes in the back to fit around screws or nails on the wall.

2. Wire Hanger

An inset frame will be attached to the back of the print, with a hanging wire strung across the middle. Similar to a traditional frame, simply place the wire onto a nail or screw.

File Format & Resolution

Prep your work for printing by saving a high-quality JPEG for uploading. All files must be tagged with a color profile, ideally AdobeRGB or P3, but anything in the RGB colorspace will work. We do not support embedding any other colorspaces (like CMYK). We’re currently unable to accept TIFF, PSD, PDF or RAW files for printing.

We print most products at 300 DPI or higher, so in general we recommend uploading the highest resolution file you have and we can take care of resizing your image to accommodate the final print size. In most situations we don’t recommend using tools like Photoshop to artificially scale up your file to add extra pixels that weren’t in the original capture.

BRUSHED ALUMINUM with a white base coating to create tremendous DEPTH and RADIANT COLORS.

Why we like it

Statement Piece

Want to make an impact on your space? This will attract all the right attention.

Ready to Hang Out of the Box

Hanging hardware comes pre-installed

Lots of Size Options

Extra flexibility to get the exact size you’re looking for.

Details that Matter

A white base coat is applied to the raw sheet of brushed aluminum, which creates a platform that enhances vibrant colors and bright whites – similar to the backlit effect of viewing images on a computer screen.


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Trusted by the Pros

80,000 creative professionals all over the country use our products to showcase their brilliant work.

Made in Minnesota

We make every single product at our Twin Cities headquarters

Curated Craftsmanship

We carefully select and test each of our high quality products to ensure they'll stand the test of time.

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Metal Dye Sublimation

Dye Sublimation is as much a printing method as it is a pretty cool science experiment.

Great For

Black + White Photography

Vibrant Colors

When to choose Metal Dye Sublimation Printing

A part from being incredibly durable and cleanable, printing on metal is really great when you want some extra pop and vibrancy out of the finished piece. They can be pretty bold, especially at larger sizes where you might be looking for a statement piece.

The Metal Dye Sublimation Process

We print on to metal with a process of using heat to infuse special dyes into a pre-coated aluminum. It starts by printing an image onto a sheet of transfer paper, using our top-of-the-line inkjet printers. That transfer paper is then adhered to the aluminum and ran through a heat press. The heat press cranks up to around 400 degrees and turns the special dyes into a gas, which is trapped by tiny little pockets in the polyester coating on the aluminum. As the aluminum cools, the dye changes back to a solid and locks into place.

When it’s all said and done, the image is permanently fused with the aluminum surface and protected beneath the exterior coating. The finished piece is scratch resistant, maintains its color in any light conditions, and can be wiped clean with common household cleaning products.