Metal Prints

Metal Prints are waterproof, UV resistant, and made from 100% recyclable aluminum. Images are transferred using dye sublimation processing which makes your image a permanent part of the aluminum sheet to create an extremely durable product! Available in four finishes, various sizes and display options.

Product in lab turn around: 2-4 business days

ProDPI-RoesRoes Catalog Location: Metal Prints


  • White Base and Clear Base
  • High Gloss or Matte Finish


Display & Mount
Metal Prints do not automatically come with any type of hanging or mounting hardware. You must select hanging hardware in the Options palette of the ROES software when you create your order.

  • Magnet (sizes 4×6 – 5×10)
  • Easel (sizes 4×6 – 12×12)
  • ¾” Gatorboard Block
  • ¾” Metal Bracket (sizes 16×20 and smaller)
  • Small Standoff Posts (⅝” cap, sizes 16×20 and smaller)
  • Large Standoff Posts (1” cap, sizes 16×24 and larger )



  • 1/16″ – 1/4″ bleed
  • Image is permanently part of the aluminum sheet
  • UV resistant
  • 100% recyclable aluminum


IMPORTANT NOTE: Small imperfections will occasionally be present in the surface of metal prints. ProDPI will not re-make orders with these imperfections present. These imperfections are unavoidable and we will take every precaution to ensure that they are not on important areas of your image.

• Files must be saved as .JPG image files. PDF, PNG, PSD, TIFF files are not accepted.
• Files must be in a working color space, (EMBEDDED sRGB or Adobe RGB).