Metal Ornaments

A smaller, cut version of our dye sublimated metal prints, metal ornaments are available in seven shapes and just as durable.

Product in lab turn around: 2-4 business days

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  • Metal Ornament – Basic A1 Circle (2.75”x2.75”)
  • Metal Ornament – Basic A1 Oval (3”x2.375”)
  • Metal Ornament – Basic A2 (3”x2”)
  • Metal Ornament – Curved C9 (3”x3”)
  • Metal Ornament – Geometric D4 (3.9”x2.6”)
  • Metal Ornament – Ornate E1 (3.9”x2.75”)
  • Metal Ornament – Ornate E12 (3.125”x3.125”)
  • Metal Ornament – Ornate E13 (4.125”x2.75”)


  • Ornaments sold individually, discounted when you order 3 or more
  • 8 different shapes


  • Hole punched
  • Choice of five ribbon colors, Red, White, Gold, Green or Black
  • Double sided
  • White gloss finish
  • Image is permanently part of the aluminum sheet
  • UV resistant
  • 100% recyclable aluminum

IMPORTANT NOTE: Small imperfections will occasionally be present in the surface of metal prints. ProDPI will not re-make orders with these imperfections present. These imperfections are unavoidable and we will take every precaution to ensure that they are not on important areas of your image.

Are there any file requirements?
– All images must be saved as JPG files with an embedded sRGB or AdobeRGB colorspace.

Is there a printing tolerance?
– Yes there is. The process we use to create metal prints involves printing your file slightly larger than the finished product, then matching that print up to the Aluminum for sublimation. The sublimation process involves heating the aluminum and transfer sheet until the ink fuses with the coating on the metal. This tolerance is approximately .25” overall so you want to make sure you do not put anything too important right on the edge of your crop.

Can you clean Metal??
– Yes absolutely! Our Metal has a sealed finish that makes it very easy to clean. You can use a soft cloth such as a microfiber and a diluted household cleaner.

Is Color Correction Service available?
– No, we do not currently offer any color correction services for our Metal Print products. Metal Printing on White Gloss Metal Products will enhance the overall vibrancy of your file but this is not something that we suggest you compensate for, as it is a natural part of the Metal Printing process. As long as you are working on an accurately calibrated monitor you can expect your products to match your images.

What is Calibration?
– Calibration is a very integral part of the printing process. Because monitors and editing environments are unique to every photographer, the process of calibrating your display is the only way to print with absolute certainty. To read more about this process click here.