Wood USB Drives

A trendy and modern way to deliver images to your clients.

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Useful information to help you through the process of ordering this particular product. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

How are Wood USB Drives printed?

Wood USB Drives are engraved rather than printed, so that the surface of the USB actually had engraved indentations from the design. Photo images cannot be engraved on Wood USB Drives

What kind of designs work best?

Wood USB Drives look best with text and graphic designs and are not sophisticated enough to handle detailed image engravings. If you have a studio logo or a nice font for your client’s name, this can be the best place to start! Wood USB Drives cannot be engraved with detailed images so dropping a photo into the product in ROES wont work and your order will be stopped in production until you can be contacted.

Do Wood USB Drives have a bleed?

This product requires the use of PSD guides in order to correctly design files for engraving. There is a general bleed in regard to where on the USB you can have your design. You can find these PSD guides at the link below or on our Guides page.

PSD Guides

Where can I order Wood USB Drives?

You can order this product in the ProDPI ROES program in the USB Drives catalog.