Slip In Folios

Slip In Folios are the sales tool you didn't know you needed.

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A Solution for Pricing Menus

Slip In Folios were created after a photographer approached the ProDPI tradeshow booth with a special request. They had been on a mission to find a way to present their pricing that was flexible, elegant, and would allow them to make changes without having to replace the entire product. Slip In Folios are our answer to that quest!


Slip In Folios

Slip In Folios are priced individually and do not include the 8x10" inserts.

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Sizes Covers
Fabric Photo Faux Leather
8×10" Vertical $50.00 $55.00 $55.00
10×8" Horizontal $50.00 $55.00 $55.00

Helpful Information

Useful information to help you through the process of ordering your one of a kind product. Full documentation available under support.

How are Slip In Folio covers printed?

Covers for Slip In Folios can be made with Fabrics or as a Photo Cover. Photo Covers are printed on photographic paper and then laminated with a matte finish laminate to protect the print during cover assembly. The design is printed larger than the final cover to accommodate for wrapping and finishing, and PSD guides must be used for accurate designing.

PSD Guides


Can Slip In Folios be Color Corrected?

Color Correction is not available for this product, and all edits must be made to the files on a color corrected monitor before upload.

What about the inserts?

Inserts are normal 8x10" Photographic Prints and the corners that inserts slide into will cover a 1" triangle on each corner.

How do you design a photo cover Slip In Folio?

This product requires the use of PSD guides in order to correctly design files for Fusion and Image Covers. You can find these PSD guides at the link below or on our Guides page.

PSD Guides

Where do you order Slip In Folios?

You can order this product in the ProDPI ROES program in the Folios and DVDs catalog.

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