Metal Magnets

4x4" White Gloss Metal Prints with a round magnet backing.

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How are Metal Magnets printed?

Metal Magnets are created using a sublimation process where an image is printed onto a transfer paper and then sublimated to the surface of the metal. Sublimation is achieved by heating the aluminum and print inside a heat press. Each piece of aluminum is prepared and coated so that the inks from the transfer paper can seamlessly fuse with the coating during this sublimation process.

Do Metal Magnets have a bleed?

With Metal Prints there is an overall bleed of approximately ¼". The aluminum board itself is ¼" smaller than the print that is being sublimated to it. It is important to keep text, logos, and important image elements at least ¼" away from the edge of your image.

Can Metal Magnets be Color Corrected?

Color Correction is not available for this product, and all edits must be made to the files on a color corrected monitor before upload.

How do you order Metal Magnets?

You can order this product in the ProDPI ROES program in the Metal Gift Products catalog.

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