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We’ll have this product ready to design and order online in the near future. In the meantime, here’s more info about ordering options.

Photo Cover Options

Photo Covers are printed on photographic paper and then laminated with a matte finish laminate to protect the print during cover assembly. The design is printed larger than the final cover to accommodate for wrapping and finishing, and PSD guides must be used for accurate designing.

Fusion Covers are also printed on photographic paper and then laminated with a matte finish to protect them. Fusion Covers will only wrap on three sides, and PSD guides must be used for accurate designing.


We offer blind debossing, white or black debossing, and foil debossing in gold, rose gold, and silver foil colors. Debossing is available with two font options, Oswald and Quicksand. Choose between 3 location options for the front cover and a lower, center location for the back.

File Format & Resolution

Prep your work for printing by saving a high-quality JPEG for uploading. All files must be tagged with a color profile, ideally AdobeRGB or P3, but anything in the RGB colorspace will work. We do not support embedding any other colorspaces (like CMYK). We’re currently unable to accept TIFF, PSD, PDF or RAW files for printing.

We print most products at 300 DPI or higher, so in general we recommend uploading the highest resolution file you have and we can take care of resizing your image to accommodate the final print size. In most situations we don’t recommend using tools like Photoshop to artificially scale up your file to add extra pixels that weren’t in the original capture.

SIDE-STITCHED books with up to 75 pages to share your work and TELL A STORY.

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Press Printing

A four color print process optimized for products with a shorter life time.

Great For

Studio Photography

Black + White Photography

Light + Airy Photography

Vibrant Colors



When to choose Press Printing Printing

The strength of Press Printing comes down to its efficiency for printing lot of various materials at a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The process is optimized for printing things like cards, brochures, booklets, and other bulk collateral pieces, where you’re printing say 100 copies of a card design.

The Press Printing Process

We print all of our Press products on HP Indigo printers. We choose to use liquid toners for their ability to bond with the paper, compared to a dry toner that just sits on top of the paper. By using the liquid toner, the end result is more consistent from edge to edge. The HP Indigo applies an image or design to the page by placing microscopic droplets of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK) in a rosette pattern to create the colors within the image.