Adhesive Mount Albums

These photographic albums have exactly 20 or 30 pages, depending on the size, and are bound with the same ProDPI Black Onyx Silk that is used on products like our press books & press albums.

Product In lab turn around: 3-4 business days

ProDPI-RoesRoes Catalog Location: Adhesive Mount Albums

Sizes Available 

  • 5×5: 20 pages maximum & minimum, full fabric cover
  • 8×8: 30 pages maximum & minimum, 3″x3″ cameo image
  • 10×10: 30 pages maximum & minimum, 3″x3″ cameo image


  • In-lab assembly available for additional fee


  • Covers are bound in Black Onyx Silk Fabric
  • Fuji Luster Photographic Paper

• Files must be saved as .JPG image files. PDF, PNG, PSD, TIFF files are not accepted
• Files must be in a working color space, (EMBEDDED sRGB or Adobe RGB).