Product Spotlight :: 5×5 Matted Image Folio w/ Disc Sleeve

New Disc sleeve option added to 5×5 ProDPI Matted Image Folios!

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If you’re looking to give your customer a little bit more with their digital purchase, this is it!  100% fantastic presentation and easy to order!

Product Q&A

Q:  Suggestions for use?

A:  When you order a 5×5 ProDPI Matted Image Folio with a Disc sleeve you also have the option to add the DVD to go with it.  Once the product arrives to you, just transfer the digital data and you’re done!

Product Details

  • Disc sleeve option is only available in 5×5.
  • Disc sleeve will always be on the left hand side when the Matted Image Folio is wide open.
  • The disc sleeve is optional!  You can also order regular ProDPI Matted Image Folios!  Click here for full product details…

Questions? Shoot us an email or give us a call ::  1.855.ProDPI.5

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