ProDPI Sponsors Magic Hour Foundation

What is Magic Hour?

We are a national network of professional photographers who want to serve the individuals and families who are fighting cancer by providing them with the ability to celebrate the truly important things in life through photography. These charitable portrait sessions will provide an opportunity to be normal – just relax, smile and have fun with loved ones.

How and when was Magic Hour founded?

Magic Hour Foundation began in 2007when a friend offered to sell her car to pay for pictures of her family after her father was diagnosed with cancer. We donated the pictures and Ted passed away unexpectedly ten days later. We had no idea what to do with that scenario, but we knew that those images carried more weight than an ordinary photo session. Then one year ago Daphne, a very close family friend, passed away after a three year battle with brain cancer and because of distance and money, never had professional pictures taken with her family or her boyfriend. This was not acceptable. And we decided to make sure that it didn’t happen again on our watch. There was a few early months of planning, paperwork and prayer, but we went public and started recruiting in October of 2012 at PhotoPlus in New York. Since then, we’ve grown to almost 200 photographers in over 40 states and the number increases daily.

Why ProDPI?
One of our volunteer photographers who is also a ProDPI customer strongly suggested that we work with ProDPI. She said that Jeff and Caitlin were awesome people and that the products were beautiful. She had nothing but good things to say about ProDPI. So, when our booth at ImagingUSA was in the shadow of the ProDPI booth, we took it as a sign and went over and introduced ourselves. We were impressed with how friendly everyone at their booth was and even more impressed with how eager Jeff and Caitlin were to give back and support the needs that Magic Hour has. We couldn’t be happier with the relationship that has begun and we can’t wait to see where we can go because of the support of ProDPI.

How do sessions work?
Recipients apply for sessions on our website. Then we review their application and then find a photographer who is nearby and is available on the dates that the recipient has chosen. We ask for three firm dates of availability and then a photographer can choose one of the three. At this point the session is booked and then the photographer would manage this session like they would with any other client. After some gentle editing, the photographer uploads the images to us and then we’ll deliver the digital files along with the Recipient Photo Gift that ProDPI has sponsored. We’ve settled on printing their entire session on 5x7s and putting them in a custom photo image box. We are so thankful to be able to provide this quality gift that will last for many years to come.
As a Photographer, what can I do to help?
Photographers join on the website and, once accepted, be in the network as “available” to accept a session if it comes available. There is no obligation to say yes every time, but it means that you’ll do your best when called. And if you’re REALLY excited, there will soon be additional resources on how to get involved at a more committed level and equip you to connect with local hospitals and treatment facilities. We can offer this service on a bigger scale once the cancer industry is aware of us and our service and we hope to utilize our volunteer force to introduce us. 


And, you can use your network of photographers and your audience of clients and fans to spread awareness! Our volunteer photographers are our lifeblood and we are so incredibly grateful for the little lights they’re shining across this nation that eventually become a continuous glow of giving back.