ProDPI products that will drive studio sales during Summer


Bamboo Panel Mounts

Looking for another eye catching product to drive sales during the summer? Here are a few fun summer products that are sure to do the trick!

arrow_left Bamboo Panel Mounts 

We’ve received amazing feedback from customers and end clients on this eco-conscious product. The color of the bamboo is perfect when contrasted by summer greens, and absolutely gorgeous with bold highlights and soft yellows. Super easy to order in ProDPI Roes (drag and drop), sizes up to 20×30, any photo paper. See larger images!





Booklets arrow_right

Create a new studio brochure for summer sessions with ProDPI Booklets! Our booklets, paired with almost any of Design Aglow‘s fresh studio marketing templates, are sure to call out to those summer portrait lovers.

PSD sizing guides
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Matted Image Folios


arrow_left Matted Image Folios

Clean, classy, and timeless. Perfect for weddings, seniors, gifts, studio displays, and much more. Also easy to order in Roes. For summer, we recommend this product with some of our lighter fabrics. These ones have truly inspired smiles: Natural Linen, Champagne Chrome, Poppy, Blue Speckled Peach, Butter, Celery, and Sea Green.

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