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Hi. I am Dawn Hessel of Hessel Photography. I am a mom. I love art, I love crafts and I love photography. While I have always had a passion for capturing unique and special photographic moments, even as a young child, it wasn’t until my first daughter was born that I took that passion and ran with it!

My passion is to shoot on-location, outdoors (or as close to natural light in-doors as possible, for those squishy newborns!) and prefer a natural, clean look with a pop of artistic style. Growing up I idolized the black and white nature photographer Ansel Adams, and I love the photojournalist style of the photographers of National Geographic. These photographers form the base of my style, which I have taken and developed into my own.

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Prints Are Forever


After having my own computer crash on me (several years before I started my photography business), and lost almost all of my photographs I had taken of my pregnancy and babies first few months, I learned the hard way that digital files cannot be trusted. Thankfully, I had not erased my large memory card yet, and was able to re-download them onto my fixed computer, but I would have been devastated had I not had those images still! After that I started to back my photo’s up in two places; but came to realize that any technology can fail at anytime.  

I have so many “sessions” with both my girls now, that I update my printed pictures every 4-6 months. I love having updated images hanging on my wall to look at, as well as the oldies but goodies of their “first year” collages and my wedding pictures. With my everyday snap shots, I put them into a simple layflat album, 2 years per album, 24 pages. Now if anything happens to my digital files, I will always have printed pictures to look at!


While I have always printed my own images and have always offered customers prints, very few customers would actually purchase prints. Because of this, I recently started offering in person reveal and sales sessions. I downloaded the Shoot and Sell/ProofShare combo apps onto my iPad. When using the app, I sold 2 separate wall clusters during the first reveal session. It’s made a huge difference in being able to sell wall art, and for customers to be able to picture print sizes on their walls. Not to mention, it’s sold me larger print sizes because customers realize just how small an 8×10 or an 11×14 looks on their huge walls! I used the app on my own wall and after thinking I wanted a 16×20 wound up choosing a 30×40 canvas because a 16×20 was just too darn small!



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