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photo courtesy of Renee Romero

Renee Romero has recently rebranded, and as a result decided she needed to upgrade her packaging for discs.  It’s wonderful!  We love her new packaging and we hope by sharing it inspires you!

For months I’ve been thinking about a better way to package my clients disc orders. I’m happy to be able to provide my clients with digital copies of their session and allow them to share my photographs on the web, but the way I was presenting them before wasn’t representing my work in a way that I wanted.

Rebranding means…New Packaging!

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Get Creative with YOUR Disc Packaging

We know it’s sometimes easier said than done.  If you’ve recently rebranded, and plan to upgrade your disc packaging, we have some recommendations based on your time commitment!

100% Custom

  • The Card (pictured):  Mod Tri-Fold Top Fold 01.  There are various template companies that offer this style of template design.  The best part about purchasing a design template online is you barely have to do any designing!  You can usually modify the color to match your branding, drop in your images and logo, and done!
  • The Disk:  Most card design templates (if they don’t come with a disk template) can be customize.  Please note: the disc pictured is not from ProDPI, but we do offer Custom Printed DVDs.
  • Finishing Touch:  You can A) purchase inexpensive ribbon, leather or hemp cord materials in most craft stores.  Or B) design 1.25″ round ProDPI MOD stickers and incorporate your logo into the design. These stickers are the perfect size for holding the card closed while protecting the disc inside.

Easy Peasy

  • The Package:  CD Folio with Photo Cover or Fusion Cover.  With a Photo Cover CD Folio there’s freedom to custom design the front, back, and spine.  If you have a little less time and find one of ProDPI’s fabrics that matches your branding: upload a design for the front of your CD Folio and choose a fabric for the rest!  GREEN ALERT:  Fusion covers are printed on 100% recycled Eco Matte text weight paper (awesome bonus).

Simply Add To Cart

  • The Package:  CD Folio with Fabric Cover.  Select from a variety of silk, linen, cotton, and chrome fabrics to match your banding color or style.

*The use of ProDPI sizing guides are required for Mod Tri-Fold Cards, MOD stickers, Custom DVDs, and CD Folios.



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