Meet Jackie – ProDPI’s CS Manager

Jackie & Tanner

Jackie’s trip to Chicago with her boyfriend Tanner

Getting to know your Lab

What’s your job title and what exactly do you do at ProDPI?
Customer Service Manager -keepin my customers and employees happy!

Scrubs(the tv show), my Pasta Press, my boyfriend, a well mixed Moscow Mule, take-out, dancing, any reality cooking show ever, party planning, seafood, short vacations, and singing along.

Favorite toys as a child:
Loved my pogo stick, my barbie convertible, my roller blades and my pogs.

Spend my free time cooking, crafting, decorating my house, yoga, hiking and swimming.

Tell us the cheesiest joke you know!
Where does the general put his armies? In his sleevies!

Any Pets?
No pets yet but my mom has a Corgi that I want to kidnap!

Favorite foods & beverages:
Day to day I love fruit, granola, oatmeal, yogurt, spinach, eggs and pickles. As a treat im a fan of lobster mac’nc’heese, floutas, salmon bisque, sushi and a black and bleu burger.

Do you have any nick names?

Birthday cake of choice:
Vanilla funfetti with fresh whipped strawberry frosting!

If you were any Disney character which one would you be?
Marie from Aristocats! Or maybe Lilo from Lilo and stitch!

Favorite photography styles:
Big fan of a more photo journalistic style.

Favorite ProDPI Products:
Love our Fine Art Printing and our mini snapshots!

What are your plans for the weekend?
Going to Yoga On the Rock at Redrocks and learning how to make Ratatouille.

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