Happy Earth Day – The Green Guide


What’s Earth Day?
Why not take AT LEAST ONE DAY to thank our planet for being awesome?  Earth Day is an annual, worldwide day of celebration when we show our support for environmental protection.  Over the years ProDPI has built specific in-lab procedures to help reduce our carbon footprint.  We love our planet just as much as you do! So, in honor of Earth Day, we’re sharing this guide to our eco-conscious, in-lab practices and our green products.

Less Paper Waste

  • We electronically store all invoices and annual statements. You can sign in to your online account here.
  • Each department in the lab has its own recycling area.


  • Scrap paper from production is recycled or reused for internal production purposes.  Often we’ll create notebooks out of scrap paper for use in production and customer service!


  • All of our new customer sample packs are filled with left over trade show samples from our previous trade show season.
  • Our price guide is almost 50 pages and only available online.
  • All of our press paper trim waste is recyclable.


  • All silver halide prints (the great photo prints that you love) contain silver, this silver is left suspended in photo chemistry after processing.  Since our first print rolled off our printers, we have been processing and removing silver from our chemistry prior to disposing spent materials.
  • Large orders and specialty products are checked before printing.

Packaging & Shipping


  • These lovely air-puffed bags (above) are used to protect small orders such as cards or photo prints during UPS transit. These are made from 100% recyclable material, and can be reused and recycled.


  • Our shipping boxes and corrugated boards are manufactured by a company committed to the principles of sustainable business practices, including responsible forest management, and they adhere to the principles of the Sustainable Forest ® (SFI®) program.
  • Your studio orders are combined in our shipping department whenever possible to reduce the impact of freight transit on the environment.

Green & Eco-conscious Products
Green Executive Packaging: Includes a 100% recycled kraft box, 70% recycled cream-colored tissue paper, and an earth-friendly cotton ribbon.
Bamboo Panel Mounts: Made from sustainably harvested bamboo.
Specialty Eco Matte Press Paper: 100% wind power manufactured, 100% Post-Consumer Waste.
Eco Press Proof Books: Inside pages are printed on 100# text weight paper which is made from 100% Post Consumer Waste, and 100% Wind-power manufactured.
Metal prints: 100% recyclable metal, can be recycled.
Vegan Leather Fabrics100% animal free and cruelty free.


Due to the volume of products that ProDPI offers we must outsource some materials, and when we outsource we look to local companies first.  This also reduces the impact of freight transit on the environment.



Does happiness count as green or eco-conscious?  We think so!  That’s why we include candy with your studio orders!

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