Get Inspired with Eli Powell

In this Get Inspired post, Eli Powell has finished his Folded Press Cards with a beautiful custom twist! Check out these amazing images and read all about how he did it. Get inspired!

My wife and I love crafting hand made cards for our friends, family & clients.  This can be a daunting task especially at Christmas (how long does it take to make 300 cards?).  Recently we starting using ProDPI press printed folded cards to give our craft a polished look & feel in a fraction of the time.

We start the process by making one card by hand, using stamping, mixed media, etc. from our huge crafting cabinet.  After that, we photograph the card (in really directional light such as a window) to capture the depth and texture.  In post processing, we clean up any mistakes (like glue smudges), tweak the colors/ contrast/ etc. to our liking, and make sure the card meets the margin requirements for printing.  We use the 90# linen textured paper to match the look and feel of our original cards.  The interior of our card is filled with our note, and finished with a photo of our signature.

The results are stunning.  The press printed cards look better than our best hand made cards, and all we have to do is mail them out!  This has been a great way to show off our design & photography, and it’s really helped us stay keep in touch with the people we love.

Article & photographs courtesy of Boulder wedding photographer Eli Powell.

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