Fearless Photographer :: Mary McHenry

Fearless Photographer :: Mary McHenry Photography

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Hello!  I am Mary from Mary McHenry Photography, based in Oakland, California.  I fell in love with photography at age 15 and really can’t imagine doing anything else.  My goal is to create images that are fresh, modern and authentic.  I have an insatiable appetite for learning and look forward to the years of growth and discovery ahead.

Along with wedding and portrait work, I am also the photographer for a Microsoft published magazine called Catalyst, which highlights the non-profit organizations that Microsoft supports.  This has been a wonderful job and has taught me so much about looking for the moments that define the story, working with challenging lighting, and finding ways to put a subject at ease with someone they’ve just met.
My personal projects focus on the places I travel to and my family, which are mostly shot with 35 and 120 film.
I was born and raised on the coast of Maine and I have lived in Australia, Spain, New Mexico, Miami, and New York.  I love living in the Bay Area and exploring life with my husband, 2 children and dog.

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