Steady & Effortless Selling

Want to keep your sales steady during the holidays? Gift one or more metal ornaments to your clients before Thanksgiving or in early December!

Picture This

You deliver a metal ornament to your client as a thank you gift and let them know that more can be purchased for $ amount. Your client thanks you, and they are ecstatic! The metal ornament gift becomes wildly popular with your client and their family during the holiday festivities. Your client comes back to you and says,

“My family absolutely loved the metal ornament. I’d like to order more to give as gifts!”


“My family absolutely loved the images that you chose for the metal ornaments. Can I get pricing on wall art?”


Carrie Geddie Photography –


KristinaLynnPhotography0001Kristina Lynn Photography & Design  –


IMG_2626Photography by Keri Tex –

Thank you so much for allowing us to share your images! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Steady & Effortless Selling

    • Krystal Otis says:

      Hi Cheryl!

      We recommend taking a screen shot of the ProDPI price guide. Or if you click on the ‘shapes’ dropdown on the Metal Ornament page you can save the unbranded image that shows all of our shapes. Hope this helps!

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