Design Aglow – The Essential Pricing Guide for Portrait Photographers

The Essential Pricing Guide for Portrait Photographers from Design Aglow

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The numbers behind your business might not be pretty, whimsical, or full of joy… but they are important! One of the primary causes for failure in small businesses is not the quality of work produced, but the inability to get a handle on finances, costs, and profits.

Understanding the true cost considerations of your business allows you to determine how to price to cover your costs, then to price for your brand – two very different, but equally important, concepts.

Design Aglow has created another exceptional educational tool that will cover the groundwork of basic business finance and budgets, provide you with Best Practices thinking to set up budgets for cost recovery, calculating your time and paycheck and pricing to support your brand strategy. In addition, we have provided you with three ready-to-use price lists that you can put into place today to immediately achieve profitable sales. Finally, of course, we have our industry experts weigh in with their thoughts and experiences to place everything into a perspective you will understand.

The Essential Pricing Guide for Portrait Photographers is a mini-MBA created just for you and is hands-down the most thorough and truly valuable product of its kind we have ever seen!

What’s Included:
• 70 page PDF document that covers an in-depth review of REAL business numbers, with explanations
• Budgeting protocol and calculations for determining your work time and paying yourself
• How to price for your brand and your studio, and how to set up a game plan
• Solid advice from top industry portrait photographers
• Smart worksheets to help you calculate your Cost of Goods, Time and Pay
• A budgeting guide to help you stay accountable
• BONUS: 20 page PDF document containing ready-to-use, brandable price lists for any business model

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