Design Aglow – 70 Reasons to Love Me collage set

Design Aglow – 70 Reasons to Love Me collage set

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Bubbling with love and filling hearts to their brims, our 70 Reasons to Love Me collage set is a stunningly simple way to sell unspoiled patchworks.

• Fully customizable features – tailor the layout, shape, size, and even final use to whatever your heart desires
• Vector imaging for seamless resizing and editing
• Lovely linen backdrops for clean and crisp creations
• Varied templates (one with space for 25 images, one with space for 45) for stylistic flexibility
• Also great for studio décor, creative album components, unique mosaic cards and more

Featuring two timely templates, this charming collage set is sure to bring big love to your studio. Use as designed for easy to love collections, or customize the simple-to-use layouts for individual looks sure to make any heart skip a beat.

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