Become the Expert – Promo Packs versus Flat Cards

Promo Packs versus Flat Cards

Press Printing

Are Promo Packs and Flat Cards the same?

Both have the exact same unmatched press printing quality only these products are designed to accommodate different fulfillment needs. ProDPI’s Promo Packs are heavily discounted, designed for high volume printing, and they do not include envelopes. ProDPI’s Flat cards are designed fit any occasion and they include envelopes at no additional charge.

What do I need to know before deciding which product is best to order?

If the cards are for a bridal show with 500+ quests attending, we recommend ordering promo packs. You’ll save money! If your client orders 275 baby announcement cards with envelopes, we recommend ordering Flat Cards. Here is a quick chart, feel free to use it! *Actual pricing depends on press paper type. Please make note of the product size differences.


Tips & Recommendations

Promo Packs are ideal for business advertising, trade shows, and any large quantity card orders that do not require envelopes. Regular Flat Cards are perfect for invitations, announcements, and holiday cards, plus they come with envelopes. In the event that your client only needs 75 cards and they have already purchased envelopes, you can order Flat cards and omit the envelopes.

That’s not all! You can still save money with Flat cards! Flat card pricing becomes tiered once you hit 3 sets of 25. Please see the ProDPI price guide for quantity price breaks.

*Please note: ProDPI does not sell envelopes separately. The envelopes that we offer are standard white and they are built into the cost of the product when included. Promo Packs do not include envelopes.

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