About ProDPI


We’re inspired by all the incredible creative work out there—whether it’s a photographer capturing the world from their point of view, a painter exploring color and movement, or a designer, illustrator, or any other method of creative expression. We believe this work deserves more than a simple square on social media. We believe your creative work deserves to be seen and experienced as a tangible, printed piece. To be held, to be put on display, and admired together.

That’s why we’re modernizing traditional printing methods to make professional printing available to more people from many creative backgrounds. While classic photo and fine art prints are standards in the industry, we're always looking for new materials to work with and new ways to print and showcase your work.

Across our entire product line, we're using the absolute best commercial printers and machines on the market, and we have some of the brightest and most experienced printing experts on staff. Each printing process is specifically calibrated to produce the most accurate color output across the entire image. From start to finish, we take care to make sure that your work is printed and assembled properly, with quality checks at each step of the way. We'll even reprint an item if it doesn't come out right. We want you to love your products from the moment you open the box.

Made in Minnesota

We make all of our products at our Twin Cities headquarters.


From the beginning, we’ve been led by these same principles and beliefs throughout our entire company.


First and foremost, we make some of the highest-quality, longest lasting products on the market. We focus on finding the right materials and take time to perfect the printing process and any assembly that's necessary for our products. We're proud to say that our products truly last a lifetime.


Throughout our entire company you'll find photographers, designers, illustrators, hand-letterers, and more. We share a common creative spirit and put that same energy into our business. It helps us understand our customers and innovate with truly great products and services.


From the very beginning of ProDPI, we never set out to offer every product under the sun. Instead, we focus on a curated selection of premium print products that we truly believe in and want to make.


There's a lot to learn about printing, and at times it can be confusing. But we want to make it as easy as possible to understand, so that more and more people feel comfortable (even confident) discovering and ordering print products.


We recognize the global climate emergency, and we're taking steps to ensure our business is being responsible about how we operate and the things that we make. Throughout our product line, we've tried to source eco-friendly raw materials wherever possible. At our production facility we've installed 200 kW system of solar panels on the roof – that's enough to power 25 homes each year!

(We're actively taking a deeper look at our product line and processes to move even further toward a more sustainable business model)