Printed on Fuji Professional Luster paper and spiral bound with your choice of black or white spiral coil, Photo Proof Books fulfill all your proofing needs. 8×10 and 13×10 proofbooks are available with 4,6,9,12, and 20 images per page, as well as full bleed mix-ins!

  • Fuji Luster paper only
  • 5×5 and 8×8 bordered proofs books
  • 8×10 and 10×13 thumbnail proof books
  • Black or white spiral coil binding
  • Upload your own cover design
  • Filenames are included for easy client reordering
  • Full spread mix ins available on 8×10 and 10×13 proof books

Photo proof books give you an economical and stylish way of geting your images into your customer’s hands!

Great for...

Great for...

-Quick and easy proofing
-Wedding or portrait sessions
-Mini albums
Get it

Get it

1 business day in lab
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