Need mounting services with your next print order? Let ProDPI take care of your presentation needs. Using the latest in pressure sensitive adhesives, archival boards, and mounting equipment, our professional technicians mount your prints on one of the widest varieties of substrates in the industry. Can’t decide what to order? We have 8×10 Mounting Sample Kits available for purchase.

Please Note: All mounting options are undersized. Click here for important undersized information.

An industry standard for ages. Approximately 1/16″ thick, with a white backing. It’s our most inexpensive finishing option, so take advantage of it to protect your customer’s prints, put into frames, or for light marketing materials. Available up to 16×20.

Black & White Styrene
This unique material is exceptionally strong for its thin size. At approximately 3/32″ thick, it’s thin enough to fit into a frame, or stand alone without worry of warping or denting. Because of it’s solid-but-thin feel, the moment you put it into your customer’s hands, they’ll know that it’s a professional material. Available in both black and white and up to 30″x40″, styrene mounting is a great substrate for any print! Try it once, and we know you’ll be a fan.

ProDPI White Foam
At 3/16″ this is a no-brainer for frames: it fits right in. If your customers don’t want a frame, let them leave it on a shelf for a three dimensional look. Looking for something light to attach to a wall somewhere high? The weight of this material is nominal and allows for easy transportation/arrangement. Perfect for those studio samples or decorations, let your customers see your beautiful work on this material.

ProDPI Black Foam
ProDPI’s black foam is similar to our white foam, but much more dense. With a plastic coating over the backing, this material provides you with a little more protection and peace of mind. It’s resistant to warping, and makes for excellent reuseable marketing materials for tradeshows and stands. Not to mention, it looks good just sitting on its own with a gorgeous print professionally mounted on it’s front.

3/4″ Standouts
Standouts are sleek and elegant, but surprisingly simple. Intended to go right on to a wall without a frame, these lightweight boards have a heavy appearance, but are actually made of a lightweight, stiff foam core with a neutral colored panel backing. The sides of the boards are fully protected by black or white textured paneling, giving your mount a fully finished and sealed look. The back panels contain pre-drilled holes making them easy to hang on simple nails or screws. Make this your easiest and most cost effective way to provide high-end products to your clients.

1 1/2″ Standouts
Want a little more depth and elegance to your mounted prints? ProDPI suggests using a larger standout for larger prints to attain more depth off the wall. This gives your clients more of a visual impact when they see their prints. Particularly stunning in pairs or sets, the 1 1/2″ standout is ProDPI’s cream of the crop mounting option, and offers you a more intriguing and elegant option for your package or a la carte needs.

Looking for Bamboo Panel Mounting? You can find it under Display Products here!

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Great for...

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