Upgrade your wallet presentation with ProDPI Wallet Boxes! Our single tray option is designed to fit 56 die-cut photographic wallet prints or 50 Two-Sided press printed wallets. A double tray Wallet Box is designed to fit 112 photographic wallet prints or 100 Two-Sided press printed wallets. All wallet Boxes are lined with a rich black fabric on the inside and your choice of Fabric, Single Fusion, or Photo Cover.

  • Single or double option
  • Designed to fit wallet size 2.5×3.5
  • Black fabric lined box
  • Fabric, Single Fusion, or Photo cover
  • Click for specifics

Such an upscale way to present wallets!

Great for...

Great for...

-Senior packages
-Client gifts
-Small keepsakes
Get it

Get it

1-2 business days in lab
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