A modern but dynamic twist to printing! With the latest and greatest in dye sublimation processing, we’re proud to offer your customers a brilliant alternative to traditional printing. With incredible color reproduction and unsurpassed durability, this product is sure to compliment your work for generations. Waterproof, UV resistant, and Eco friendly; Metal Prints are more than just Prints!

Metal prints are available in two finish options in most sizes! We have the classic white gloss, and sheer gloss. The white gloss option is great for all types of images and offers image reproduction that is very close to normal photographic printing. The sheer gloss option will actually show the aluminum surface through the image and can often create an almost 3d effect. The sheer gloss is not recommended for portrait images because it may create a lack of density in skin tones due to the aluminum showing through, but it is a perfect choice for artistic images!

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Small imperfections will occasionally be present in the surface of metal prints. ProDPI will not re-make orders with these imperfections present. These imperfections are unavoidable and we will take every precaution to ensure that they are not on important areas of your image.

  • Image is permanently part of the aluminum sheet
  • 100% recyclable metal, can be recycled
  • Vibrant, Sharp colors and detail
  • Easy to order in ProDPI roes
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Metal Prints are a unique, contemporary way to display wall prints!

Great for...

Great for...

-Hanging or table top displays
-Gallery installations
-Wedding and portrait images
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Get it

2-4 business days in lab
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