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loginDid your studio address change? Did your credit card expire?

You can update this information and more by logging into your ProDPI account at If you haven’t logged in, all you’ll need is your ProDPI account number and billing zip code. Give it a try! To access ProDPI Connect go to or and click the Account tab.

Track Orders & Invoices

With you can check the in-lab status of an order, locate tracking numbers for orders that have already shipped, and full access to printable invoices. You can even run annual statements! Below we’ve listed a quick breakdown of how it works and everything that you can access by logging into your account online.


  • Current Orders – All current (Open or Ready) orders listed with PO numbers, the in-lab status, plus access to invoices
  • Order History – Search by date, access to invoices, order numbers, and tracking numbers
  • Invoice Activity – Search by invoice number or date, access invoices, invoice numbers and order totals
  • Account Information – Update billing and shipping information, email address & phone number, credit card information, and your password
  • Statement – Search by date and run statements: includes invoice numbers, dates, and invoiced amounts
  • Contact ProDPI – Direct contact information in case you have any questions or concerns


Left: Click any of these to view the order invoice. Right: Click any of these to be redirected to the UPS tracking.

Left: Click any of these to view the order invoice. Right: Click any of these to be redirected to the UPS tracking. *Orders without tracking numbers are generally USPS packages.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 10.08.21 AMBalance

The balance shown here will tell you the total amount due. Even though invoices are processed automatically, this area is here in case you need to know how much the charge will be on your credit card. This area also reflects lab credits. If you’ve been issued a lab credit, the amount listed here will show up as a negative.



2 thoughts on “Manage your Account Online with

  1. Mandy Blankenship says:

    I just created a new account with you guys and before I wrote down my account # my little one up and unplugged my computer and unfortunately I can’t figure out how to find it now.

    I’m looking forward to using your products

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