We are incredibly proud of the many employees that make ProDPI awesome.  We surround ourselves with talented and artistic people in order to create the best products for our customers.  Have a look at our management team, they are a great bunch of individuals and we couldn’t ask for a better ProDPI family!

Caitlin & Jeffrey started ProDPI in 2004 with hopes to provide professional photographers with a place to get incredible products & friendly service. When they are not at the lab they are chasing around Ryland (the next ProDPI CEO), Kala and Tucker (the ProDPI dogs) or enjoying the beautiful outdoors of Denver.
Jeffrey & Caitlin  Founders  
My world revolves around my daughters Kalina and Autumn. I love traveling, an occasional quite moment, and the beach. I love seeing the new products and creative ways that our customers use them.
Kim  Director of Human Resources & Purchasing  
When I'm not crashing my bike into stationary objects or scheming of a way to blow my next paycheck on an overpriced piece of Nikon glass I enjoy digital art/design, sports, and getting into the outdoors. My favorite product at ProDPI are our employees. In my time at ProDPI I've yet to introduce a product or service that doesn't benefit from a ProDPI team member's dedication to hard work. They couldn't hear it enough: our management team and all of the people who have ever worked here behind the scenes are truly deserving of the accolades our customers send us year after year. They evolve on demand and continue to impress me in new ways all the time.
Kameron  Plant Director  
I enjoy cooking and baking for friends and trying my hand at different types of art. I love visiting my family in California and getting to travel to new places for work. I spend my work days trying to find ways to make our ProDPI customers happy and successful and I love getting to meet them at tradeshows and workshops! My favorite ProDPI Product is probably our Fabric Wall Clings, I already have one in my home and a lot more planned!
Jackie  Customer Service Manager  
I'm a SLO, California native and I work for ProDPI remotely from Portland, Oregon. I enjoy loud music, extra bacon, creating mixed-media art, reptiles, surreal & documentary photography, PS2, American Football, and any type of movie except those of the Romantic Comedy genre. Yuk! My boss calls me ProDPI's Social Media Rockstar, and my customer service skills have been described (by a customer) as "frighteningly uplifting.” My favorite part about working for ProDPI is being involved in building genuine relationships with customers. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing that you've made someone's day easier! I have a ton of favorite products, but if I have to pick just one it must be Metal Prints!
Krystal  Social Media Rockstar & CSR  
I am a juggler, runner, photographer and cyclist who has a great love of beautiful printing and would be most helpful in a sword fight. I own a lot of neck ties and love the word sandcastle. I have a twin brother and a Siberian husky. ProDPI Fine Art prints and Mod cards are my favorite products. One day, I will travel by dirigible.
Ben  Photo Printing Supervisor  
I'm a mountain biker and snowboarder who loves to cook and work with my hands. Originally from the Midwest, I feel very lucky that we are located in the most beautiful and mountainous state in the country! Besides my great co-workers, the best part of working here at ProDPI is getting my hands on all the different machinery and tools we use to make just one book or canvas look fantastic. Of course I'm always excited as well to see new products and find new ways to streamline production out on the finishing floor.
Jacquelyn  Photo Production Supervisor  
I am a scenic artist and all around theatre geek from California. When free from the lab, I enjoy knitting, playing with my dogs, Quigley and Fezzik, drawing my line of greeting cards and watching zombie movies. I love our lab and am so lucky to have the best coworkers. My favorite products are of course our sheer metal prints. Not only are they an awesome way to display and print photographs, but come zombie apocalypse, they could provide as super useful armor.
Jennifer  Photo Production Lead  
In my free time I illustrate and publish comic books and hang out with my dog Bonnie. I enjoy going to Rockies games in the summer and getting together with friends and family. I am always up for a slice of pizza or a local brew. At ProDPI I work over the shipping and billing department and help make sure that customers orders get out on time and safely packaged.
Sean  Invoicing & Shipping Supervisor  
I'm a photographer and I love to experiment with alternative processing methods. I also like football (Go Steelers!), painting, live local music, hiking in the mountains, playing saxophone, and trying to play the ukulele. I recently moved to Denver from the east coast, so ProDPI is like my home away from home. I have awesome coworkers and I'm proud of the products we make. My favorite is the photo cover books; I'm always impressed with our customers' cover designs!
Sarah  Press Production Supervisor  
In me spare time I enjoy a passion for the fine arts, music and the splendorous outdoors of Colorado. When time allows my wife and I dig traveling and meeting up with friends and family in new places. Maintaining the presses and other press printing production takes the lion's share of my day. Our fine art prints are one of my favorite products as well as our felt press books and mod stickers.
Sean  Press Printing Supervisor