File Naming
File naming schemes are extremely important in determining image print order. Though ProDPI does not guarantee the order of your printed images, keeping the following items in mind will help to keep images in order:
– Zero-pad images numbers i.e. 001, 002, … 345 (tim_erica_2013_001.jpg)
– Keep file names under 20 characters
– Do not use special characters including ?[]/\+<>:;”, in your file names or folder names
– Use “_” instead of spaces in file and folder names

General Requirements
• Files must be saved as .JPG image files. PDF, PNG, PSD, TIFF files are not accepted
• Save .JPG files as quality level of 10 for fastest upload/transfer speed
• Files MUST be in a working color space, (sRGB or Adobe RGB). Using a calibrated monitor is critical for color accuracy.
• Please be sure to EMBED working space color profiles (sRGB or Adobe RGB) when saving your files, this will ensure that we can process your images without any unexpected color shifts.

“Up-Res” or File Resizing
For best results do not interpolate or “up-res” files in Photoshop. The rendering software used by our printers does an incredible job at resizing. If you normally use interpolation tools in your workflow, please do so. If not, leave it to us!

Soft Proofing
If you are currently working on a monitor that is calibrated to ProDPI specifications, you can download and use our ICC Soft Proofing Profiles for photographic printing located here.